A single-storey extension to the rear of a mid-terraced property in Pickering

A narrow yard at the rear of the house has now been built over to incorporate the space within the house, and a glazed lantern light was set into the roof to improve the natural lighting levels


Date Commenced: August 2014

Date Completed: December 2014

Designed by: In-house by Atkinson Builders, PICKERING

The work involved propping the existing kitchen wall and inserting steel beams to extend the kitchen area. Although the extension is relatively small it made a big impact on providing space and natural light to the kitchen and dining area.

Attention to detail was important to the various junctions between materials. Bricks and the mortar mix were carefully chosen to match the existing.

A new island unit was constructed and the existing kitchen units modified to refresh the kitchen appearance.
Atkinson Builders Ltd successfully worked with the clients to make their interior vision a reality.